Last Updated: September 25, 2009
Affinity Irish Red & White Setters
From many references and writings, it would seem that the Irish Setter was in its heyday in
the 18th century and early in the 19th century.

The Red & White Setter is in all probability the ancestor of the Red Setter. Whole colored
specimens were rare at a time when Ireland could boast of a number of kennels of Red and
Whites (early 1800's).

Although paintings and written descriptions from this period depict most of the Irish Setters
as red and white on paws or chest; the red and white featured white predominating with
large blotches of red; and a pattern called "shower of hail" (red base coat with scattered
spots of white). It was found primarily in the northwest coastal areas of Ireland, was always
rare, and apparently disappeared by the early 1900's.

It was in the mid-1800's, as dog shows became popular, breeders began selecting for
appearance (color) rather than strictly for working ability. Thus the Irish Setter became
known as self-colored red as it gained popularity by show people. This was the fashion and
the Red and Whites disappeared from the show ring. In fact, the Red and Whites became
nearly extinct as food shortages during World War I brought breeding of dogs for sport
nearly to a halt.

The Red and Whites underwent two revivals circa 1926 and again in the 1940's. In 1944 the
Irish Red and White Setter Society was formed. Since then through the unswerving efforts
of a few, one of the most handsome and serviceable breeds has been reintroduced to the
public of today.

Gradually the Irish Red and White Setter is being accepted by the various kennel clubs
throughout the world, and the breed is making its mark slowly but surely. The majority of
the breed is being purchased for the show ring or personal hunting.  It is enjoying much
success in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain,
Canada and the United States. Also the American Hunting Fancy is becoming aware of this
stylish dog with its great working ability.

Most importantly, this highly intelligent dog makes an affectionate and devoted companion.
History of the Irish Red & White Setter
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